Lost? Need help? Send a RescuePin!

With one click, you can send a text message with a map link of your location to your pre-selected contacts.

One Pin Button


One click – One Location

Two Pin Button


One click – Location and Direction

One Pin Button: One click - One Location

Rescue Pin is a one click text alert that will automatically go to your saved contact or contacts. Whether you are faced with imminent danger, feeling uneasy, or need someone to help you out of a social situation, the Rescue Pin is a one-click text message giving your phone number and a map link that will display your location.

Rescue Pin Use:

  • Imminent Danger – Situation where you will not have time to make a call or text someone. One click sends a discreet text message to your contacts. Most cell phones have tracking and gps devices today and attackers will go after victom’s cell phone as quickly as possible. You may only have time to for one click to get out a signal.
  • Teenage kid at a party or social situation and other kids doing illegal activities- Send a discreet rescue pin to parents for pickup.
  • Guy will not leave you alone at the bar? Send a rescue pin to a friend.
  • At a concert and it is too loud to talk but want your friends to know where you are. Send a Rescu Pin.

Two Pin Button: One click - Location and Direction

The Two Pin option is the quickest way to send a contact your location in directions.

Have you ever had to call someone because you were lost and needed help with directions. Typically, you are trying to find street names and land marks. If you are driving and lost, the last thing you need to be doing is multi-tasking on the phone. The Rescue Pin Two Pin button will send your contact a text with a map link that will display you location and direction.